For Clinicians

IFN Neurologic provides a user-friendly interface allowing clinicians access to IFN’s experience and protocols with respect to treatment of neurological conditions through non-invasive approaches. IFN affiliated clinicians receive a complete training program that covers all aspects of the clinical application process.

  • Neuroscience expert reviewing treatment recommendations

    Supporting Neuroguide files storage and analysis

  • Collecting and organising medical records

    Safe and reliable patient data storage and retrieval

  • Quick and efficient access to clinical data in a digital format

    Traceable and organised followup documentation for each patient


Say hello to the Affiliate Program

As an affiliate to IFN Neurologic you will be able to perform restorative neuroplasticity interventions on your patients at your own clinic. The program includes a comprehensive education program accredited by IFN (Institute of Functional Neuroscience) and AICN (Australian Institute of Clinical Neuroscience), all the necessary hardware/software, and the access to the IFN neurologic platform. You can click on links below to learn more about the program or to apply.

  • Personalised assessment

    Dedicated clinical practitioner

  • Personal data in safe hands


For Patients

IFN’s Neuroplastic Treatment (NT) leverages multimodal approaches to create personalized treatment plans that promote neuroplasticity. Following the patient's examination, our cross-functional team of experts will plan the optimal combination of non-invasive neuromodulatory stimulations with home exercises and nutritional supplementation that may help you deal with depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, and other neurological conditions. If you want to know how this approach can benefit you, click here.


How it works

This innovative software incorporates standard physical and neurological examination, patient history, EEG findings, and psychological metrics to formulate a treatment plan for clinical consideration. This process eliminates human error and saves a significant amount of time.

Log in

01Log in

Log in to your account, then create a new patient or select an existing patient from the patient list.

Create an assessment

02Create an assessment

Create a new assessment (or re-assessment) for the patient or edit an existing draft.

Submit for review

03Submit for review

As part of the assessment, request a treatment modality and submit the proposed plan for a review.

Receive Care Plan

04Receive Care Plan

Upon receiving the reviewed Care Plan, you can view the reviewer’s recommendations for the treatment plan, based on the submitted Assessment.

Download or Print

05Download or Print

Print or download the completed and approved Treatment plan. Consult the Patient file and Clinical report (dedicated to clinicians) whenever needed during the patient’s follow-up.


About IFN

We are an interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who strive everyday to inspire hope, create expertise and advance humanity with our patients who are experiencing unresolved neurological dysfunction. We use therapies designed to evoke neural plasticity that are both customized to the individual, conservative and non-invasive in nature.

The clinical applications we utilise focus on modulating the activity of the brain that in turn changes activity throughout the nervous system. The changes brought about by modulating the activity of the brain are dependent on the natural processes of neural plasticity. Neural plasticity involves activities that are fundamental to the nervous system including learning and functional change.


Contact Us

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