Innovative treatment for depression and anxiety.

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Depression is among the most common mental health conditions, and impacts many Australians every day.

Depression affects how you feel, think and behave.

Symptoms may include feeling overwhelmed by a sadness that persists throughout the day for two weeks or more, and often involves sleep and appetite changes.

Available treatments are not for every patient.

There are different treatments available for depression, but not all of them work for every patient and it often takes a long time and several attempts to find the right treatment for you.


A personalized and non-invasive treatment for depression and anxiety built around the patient.

Neuroplastic Treatment is an approach developed by Dr. Beck and refined through years of clinical practice and research activity.


Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people.


A non-invasive approach tailored on your needs.

  • advantages

    Personalised to maximise your recovery.

    Every treatment plan is different and relies on the combination of different technologies, and the interventions will be associated with nutritional supplement and daily exercises to support, promote and consolidate the treatment effects.

  • advantages

    A growing number of affiliated clinics.

    The Neuroplastic Therapy is available at the Institute of Functional Neuroscience and at a growing number of affiliated clinics.


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